Things to bring to ecuador

Study Spanish Ecuador

The following is a list of recommended and useful items that you may needas a volunteer or student when you are visiting a community, traveling around Ecuador, and even in Quito.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions about what to bring, or what not to bring with you.

The weather in Quito is spring-like all the year round - T shirt and jeans weather during the day, but cooler at night. So it is best to have extra layers with you that you can put on if you feel cold. The temperature ranges from a maximum of around 27°C (80°F) during the day to a minimum of around 14°C (57°F) at night. From November to April is the wettest season, but rain is normally restricted to late afternoon showers for a couple of hours.

There are almost no insects in Quito due to the altitude and dryness of the climate.

Student and Volunteer Checklist

 ♦ High SPF/waterproof sunblock and After Sun lotion

 ♦ Insect repellent

 ♦ A portable umbrella

 ♦ First aid kit and medicine (especially cream/gel for insect bites)

 ♦ All-natural, biodegradable shampoo, conditioner, soap (Purchase in your home


 ♦ Hat or Cap (against the sun for communities in the Sierra)

 ♦ Sunglasses with UV protection

 ♦ Lightweight pants, long-sleeved shirts, and T-shirts

 ♦ Rubber boots (for rainforest communities during rainy season. These can be bought here for about $7)

 ♦ Hiking boots or sturdy shoes for hiking and walking, plus lighter shoes or sandals for regular daytime wear.

 ♦ Lightweight raincoat or rain poncho

 ♦ Bathing suit and rubber/foam sandals

 ♦ Light sweater or jacket

 ♦ Lightweight sleeping bag or sheet liner (useful but not necessary)

 ♦ Small towel

 ♦ Wet wipes

 ♦ Small backpack for daytrips

 ♦ U.S. money in small denominations

 ♦ Photocopy of passport with visa stamp for Ecuador (in plastic bag to keep dry)

 ♦ Flashlight or headlight

 ♦ Soap for handwashing clothes (for those planning to stay in the community for longer durations)

All these items can be bought in Quito, so there is no need to panic if you do not have everything.