medical spanish practicum options

Clinica Jerusalén - Quito

Students of medicine (2nd year onwards), nursing, midwifery, and other health students, can gain valuable experience working with a range of specialists at the Clínica Jerusalen. The clinic provides quality medical attention at affordable prices to residents of the Southern Quito, with limited economic recourses. The clinic treats around 100 patients a day, providing surgery, hospitalization and 24 hours emergency attention.

Centro de Salud San Martín - Quito

Work in the free clinic that serves the less advantaged population of this sector of Quito.  The clinic is small but serves many patients as it is located in a marginalized sector of Quito.  The center treats a variety of conditions and focuses on family medicine, and doctors also do home visits.

Jambi Huasi - Otavalo

Students of medicine (2nd year onwards), nursing, midwifery, and other health courses, can gain valuable experience working in a clinic, supported by the United Nations Population Fund, that provides both traditional indigenous and western medical care, to the predominately indigenous population of Otavalo and the surrounding areas.  Jambi Huasi operates under the assumption that health needs can only be addressed successfully within social and cultural context and has adopted a rights-based approach of integrated services that respect cultural traditions, social solidarity and reciprocity. 

Cemoplaf - Quito

CEMOPLAF provides health services and products with an emphasis on sexual and reproductive health to people of low economic resources, with the aim to improve the quality of life of the people of Ecuador.

Centro de Salud Paushiyacu - Tena

This is a busy clinic about 10 minutes walk from the center of Tena. There are normally 3 doctors there in the mornings and 2 in the afternoons, as well as 2-3 nurses throughout the day. Each doctor sees between 15-20 patients, making the clinic treat about 80-100 patients per day. People come in for a variety of treatments, and many of the patients are mothers who come in with sick children. They are always quite busy and understaffed and would greatly appreciate help from suitably qualified individuals.

Camp Hope

For medical students with little or no experience or training, Camp Hope provides the opportunity to work with children with learning and motor skills difficulties, helping them with basic tasks and simple movement and physiotherapy.