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A professional Spanish school in Ecuador, in the heart of the Andes! Spanish courses in Quito and Cuenca for all levels and all ages . . . Spanish classes and cultural programs, travel Ecuador with a teacher, or volunteer!

About Yanapuma Spanish Schools . . .

Yanapuma is a dynamic, non-profit Spanish school, with locations in Quito and Cuenca - Our professional staff and teachers offer Spanish classes for students at all levels and ages in elegant and comfortable historic buildings in both cities. We also offer accommodation with welcoming local host families, hostels and hotels. We make every effort to provide a secure and friendly base from where you can explore these vibrant and historic, colonial cities and all they have to offer. Or you can explore the rich cultural and natural heritage of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands on our "Study and Travel" programs - all while you learn to speak the Spanish language!

Two Spanish Schools!

Our Spanish school in Quito is in a traditional colonial building in the heart of the historic district, close to all the main tourist attractions. In our 7 years we have developed one of the most professional and innovative Spanish schools with the best methods and a rich curriculum.

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We opened our Spanish school in Cuenca in March 2013. Situated in the very heart of this historic city we offer the same professional standards and programs. For students seeking a tranquil atmosphere in which to learn Spansh Cuenca is the ideal study destination.

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Study and Travel Programs

Our "Study and Travel" programs are a popular way of combining Spanish study with more touristic pursuits, traveling through different parts of the country with a teacher. Visit the Amazon rainforest, the Andean sierra, the Pacific coast and the Galapagos Islands.

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Each of the ten "Study and Travel" programs is a one-week adventure. They can be combined together and with our Quito and Cuenca cultural programs to create a memorable experience of Ecuador while you continue to take Spanish classes with Yanapuma

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. . . and more!

We also offer two Medical Spanish programs for doctors, students and health practitioners with an optional practicum in Quito or Cuenca.

In addition we offer volunteer programs in Quito or Cuenca either with or without Spanish classes, and all around Ecuador.

sustainable development as part of the education for a volunteer who takes Spanish classes in Quito before volunteering at a community project in the rainforest of Ecuador

More About Yanapuma Spanish Schools . . .

Yanapuma is one of the very few professional language Schools in Ecuador, and a member of the AECEE (Ecuadorian Association of Spanish Language Centers) You can see our other professional education affiliations below. We strive for continual improvement in order to offer the best experience - academically and socially - to our students. Our prices are among the lowest for professional language lessons in Ecuador, and our methods are based on the renowned Cervantes Institute of Spain, and we use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and ACTFL standards for US Spanish language students. How to choose a Spanish school.

Yanapuma Foundation . . .

All profits from our School in Quito help fund the work of Yanapuma Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable practices in marginalized communities throughout Ecuador. To find out more please read our latest newsletter. Or click here to find out about volunteering with our Volunteer Ecuador program. Your support as a student contributes directly to improving the lives of marginal communities in Ecuador!

The Yanapuma Advantage. . .

  • A professional Spanish school with a modern "communication" methodology
  • Ongoing evaluation and monitoring of student progress
  • Attractive cultural and "Study and Travel" programs
  • Multimedia and computer resources for rich and engaging classes
  • Comprehensive personalized course planning and revision for each student
  • A welcoming home-from-home environment in Ecuador
  • Group classes with professional curricula
  • A wealth of social activities and opportunities to meet other students
  • Qualified teachers with university studies
  • Your support helps the work of our foundation
  • Competitive prices for professional language tuition
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Events at Yanapuma Spanish School in Quito and Cuenca: 07 Apr - 12 Apr, 2014

Our new Spanish school in Cuenca is very busy for this time of year, with a good number of students booked up for the next 3 months at least, thanks to the untiring work of Joy, our student and volunteer coordinator there. The school continues to receive students who are totally charmed with the tranquil rhythm of this traditional Andean city. Several students from Quito have chosen to spend a week or two in Cuenca aftern having studied for a week or two in Quito, often commenting on how safe and relaxed it feels being there. Meanwhile, the school in Quito is getting busy as the New Year kicks off. The "Study and Travel" programs are very popular in January with several of our teachers on the road with their students exploring the Amazon jungle, the Ruta de los Volcanes and the cloud forests. We are gradually settling in to our new location in the historic center of Quito. The new space is a suite of offices that sits around a courtyard on the top floor of a historic, colonial-style building in old Quito. With 9 rooms, including an audio-visual suite, a kitchen/café, offices for the school, volunteer department and foundation, and separate classrooms for classes at each level, it feels both spacious and comfortable.

On Tuesday we are offering our usual free salsa class for our Quito Spanish students and volunteers. The salsa class is a great opportunity to try out salsa dancing, and it is also a great physical work out, especially considering Quito's elevated altitude of 2800 meters! If you are interested in learning to dance salsa and other latin rythms then we will be happy to put together a program for you that combines salsa classes with Spanish classes in Quito.

On Wednesday the school in Quito has organized a tour of the city with an open-topped double-decker bus. This is a great way for students who have recently arrived to get a feel for the city - old town and new town, passing by several of the most important parks as well as the favorite sites of the city.

On Thursday our activity for the Spanish school students in Quito is a cooking class. A teacher will help students to prepare a local dish. This is a great way to practice Spanish as well as to socialize with other students.

Our weekend excursion for Spanish students this weekend is to the Andean town of Otavalo, famous for its Saturday market, the biggest in South America. It starts at around 5.00 am with the animal market, but the crafts produced locally are sold all day long. Students and volunteers will also get the opportunity to visit local natural beauty spots such as the Peguche Waterfall and Cuicocha Lake.

Yanapuma Foundation: Our work in Ecuador

In Yanapuma Foundation, we are busy on a 3-year project with the Tsa'chila culture - creating vegetable gardens for families in 4 communities and teaching them to grow vegetables, and giving cooking and nutrition classes. In addition we have planted 26,000 cacao trees this year of an improved variety and are teaching local farmers to care for them, as well as sowing companion crops. We are also continuing our work sponsoring 13 children in the small coastal community of Estero de Plátano to study at high school to improve the educational level of the community so that they can be active in their own community development.
The registration fee for each Spanish student goes directly to form a fund for this project.
You can read more about all these activities on our foundation website:

  • Click on the image (right) to watch a short video introduction to Yanapuma Spanish School in Quito. Quito is the very first UNESCO-declared World Heritage site, an exciting city that combines the traditional history and culture of the Andes with a modern vibrant new town - the perfect location to learn Spanish!

Our Affiliations

We continually strive for improvement as a professional Spanish school. Here are some of the organizations that we are linked with and whose standards we subscribe to:

A professional Spanish school association in Quito for the best Spanish schools in Ecuador
American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages - member in Ecuador for Spanish language education
Ministry of Education for Ecuador recognizes Yanapuma Spanish School
International Association of Community Development - Yanapuma is a member, using Spanish school profits to fund our own commmunity projects around Ecuador
Ministerio de Turismo Ecuador - yanapuma spanish courses in Quito and Cuenca
Municipio de Quito - Spanish language courses from Yanapuma in Quito and Cuenca